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Scottish musicians' jokes

It is said that bagpipe players spend 90% of their time tuning their instrument and thev other 10% playing out of tune.

Accordian players are the butt of more musicians' jokes than any other players:

An accordion player was travelling through Glasgow on his way home from a gig and with half his journey home to Edinburgh still to go he thought about stopping to purchase a refreshing drink but was concerned for the safety of leaving his instrument on the back seat whilst going into a late night shop. He looked around and the street was empty so he took a chance and ran into the shop, purchased a can of Irn Bru and ran back out to his car only to see one of the back windows smashed. "Oh no", he cried out but on looking into the car he found another accordion had been abandoned next to his own.

What a looooooooooong strange trip it's been
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