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What Football Commentators Really Mean

Had a birthday card this week with the following comments on players:

He'll be disappointed with that.....That was !@#$ crap!

Seasoned player.....He's bloody past it

Loyal club player.....Nobody else wants him

Dangerous in the box.....Scores too many own goals

Keeper's weak on crosses....Couldn't catch a bus

Terrier like.....Tries to shag a leg after he scores

A natural leader.....A bossy bastard

Good squad player.....He only gets a game when they're desperate

Competitive.....Dirty bastard

Very competitive.....Dangerously lethal dirty bastard

Good sound player.....Boring !@#$

Creative.....Oscar winning performance when injured

Two footed.....Crap with both

Solid defensive outfit....It's like watching paint dry

What a looooooooooong strange trip it's been
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