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Interesting. ...not

Arsenal: 11
Aston Villa: 11
West Ham: 10
Middlesbrough: 10
Brighton: 10
Man Utd: 9
Chelsea: 9
Burton: 9
Reading: 9
Leeds United: 9
Huddersfield Town: 9
Crystal Palace: 9
Bristol City: 9
Bournemouth: 9
Man City: 8
Everton: 8
Wolves: 8
Liverpool: 8
Nottingham Forest: 8
Swansea City: 7
Leicester City: 7
Burnley: 7
Brentford: 7
Bolton: 7
Tottenham: 6
Stoke City: 6
Sunderland: 6
Norwich City: 5
Barnsley: 5
West Brom: 4
Bristol Rovers: 2
Doncaster Rovers: 2

The amount of team changes made by each side on the third Rd of the League CUP.
Regular occurrence these days ...Hut clubs also do it for the FA cup!! And even the Europa CUP @!@@!!!
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Re: Interesting. ...not

You have a squad of players so why not use them? With the second on the list there is very little difference between regulars and "reserves" anyway.
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