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Re: Ebbsfleet v Solihull Moors 09/02/2019 updates and commentary

Totally agree with statto for once. I think the wanna be Z he was referring to was a little older, even aggressive to Solihull supporters.
I too don't want to see this and I hope this doesn't tarnish a good well behaved supporters reputation.
I can't defend anyone from ebbsfleet except maybe the Landlord and one chap who talked to me. Fans were warning us off singing and stewards too, stewards talking down the radios when group's of four approached the turnstiles. It was like an undercover surveillance operation. Sending someone to sstand and stare at us and the players who just wanted our players sent off. The picture of their no 4 guiding the referee towards oour player and pointing at him and Ashmores ambushing of the referee on the second one refusing to allow him to walk away insisting he talk to the linesman pointing and again guiding the ref to the lino who incidentally NEVER reacted to the incident and waved his flag as one would do if he wanted the ref. Appalling behaviour.
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