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when a.n. other club appointed..

..Sir Bab, they had an interveiw process with the board.
So Mr Char said hello, we want to give you a basic test first, right, whats 15+15....MMmm said Sir B ..a long pause then the reply came...90 !!!
the board murmoured, NO lets give him another chance said MrC..ok said the board. well B I'll make it simpler next Q? whats 5 + 5 then ... a long pause and the answer came back 9......shaking of heads from the board...NO, NO said MRC another please, OK they said, whats 2+2.... Bab says.. I know its 4 !!.....................
Quickly, as the Board murmour to one another, Mr C says NO NO NO, LET'S GIVE HIM ONE MORE CHANCE PLEASE.....
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