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Re: Maidenhead United v Solihull Moors 26/12/2017 updates

I feel some of the reasons why our attendances have dropped at home, are listed below.

* Border line fans like to watch a winning team.

* Economical reasons people cutting down on expenditure due to increases in living costs.

* Too many games where we shot ourselves in the foot from winning positions.

* Boardroom rumblings.

* Bad start to the season including the Chester debacle.

* Lack of engagement with the local community incl schools to bring more fans into the Club before the close season & the start of this one. (excl Hartlepool)

* Losing the perk of discounted beer at the bar for MMM members.

* Terrible state of car park not helping us.

* Too many bad signings especially some of the loanees.

* Bar not functioning properly at the start of the season, fans unable to buy a pint at times.

Feel free to comment lol, or add to the list.

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