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Re: Please read

I've only wat he'd the Moors a few seasons and in that time only a few games per season before 2015. In that time Omar Bogle looked class, and scored goals bossed defences and got results.
I like Gay Dean and Micheal Nottingham too. Even thought Jaz Singh was a better keeper than most we've has since.
All that said Jamie Osbourne is head and shoulders above. Not to over praise him, he can get booked easily and isn't always as good as he shows. But seriolsuy the best footballer I've seen at Moors.

There will be others and he isn't gods gift, if things go well he could end up at Bogles level. I could see him doing well at Blues in league one next year (sorry couldn't help it)

Main pissed New Years point. He is good. If we are to drag ourselves out of this he will be key.
See you soon more, or less pissed than now... happy new year
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