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I have these terrible headaches you see.

I've had this headache for 7 years so I went to the doctor and he said we've tried all the different medication and nothing has worked. So if you want to get rid of your headache the only thing left is castration. Well, didn't want to lose my balls but I thought about it and I said ok, we'll do that and I'll get rid of my headache. After he'd done it, my headache went away, I felt great. No more headache.
And I was in such a good mood I thought I'd treat myself to a new suit. So I got to the tailors and I said I want the best suit they've got. The Tailor looked at me and said you're a 40 chest. I said well that's incredible, how did you know that. He said, it's my job, I can look at anyone and I know their suit sizes. He said, you're a 30 inside leg and a 34 waist.
Yes, I said, I am a 30 inside leg, that's amazing but I'm not a 34 waist, I'm a 32 waist. I have been for years. The tailor looked at me again and said, no you're a 34. If you wore a 32, it would pinch your balls so tight It would give you a terrible headache.

What a looooooooooong strange trip it's been
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